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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

What is Snuckls ? How it Works and Pay to User Review about it

In this article  I talked about the lottery , game site which is old site and currently running. This site name is
Snuckls so first know about the snuckls what is it ? Snuckls  is a lottery game site that you can join for free. To take part in this opportunity, all you need to do is sacrifice a bit of time.

The website is available worldwide so you can join from any part of the globe and win some money. You can either redeem your winning in a gift card via Amazon or through Paypal in India.Today more people earn from this site good income . This site is still paying . But as I say above it is lottery game site. you need to work daily minimum 1 hr. to watch videos on this site. To got 1 ticket you need to watch 5 short videos after watch 5 short videos you will got 1 ticket and you can select any 5 random number for the tickets. In this site Max you can got 10 tickets in a day to watch videos. After that wait for 24 hr. to draw if you lucky then you will win more than more 1 lakh to 2 lakh Rs.

  So if you have some spare time you can try this site and work 1 hr daily and try you luck. Because you do not know what day is lucky for you so work daily and try .

 This is the example of video .

Once the timer runs out, right below they will ask you a question on what category is the video. If you got it wrong, you will have to watch another video to clog your 5 tickets. Try not to get it wrong because you are simply wasting your own time watching more videos.

Snuckls definitely looks legit. There are people winning money from this. I just checked out their Facebook page earlier today and saw videos of people winning over $500 from the draw. So yeah… if you got spare time, you can always watch some videos, get tickets and test your luck. You will never know when is your lucky day.
For those who are looking at this as a more serious opportunity to earn some extra money online, you should try to focus on getting more referrals. As I already mentioned earlier, the more people you bring in, the higher the chances of them winning and you getting a commission.

So if you want to join and try your luck Click Here  

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